Toddlers Education 2-3years

Children are developing knowledge about themselves and their world through their curiosity and exploration. They are learning to challenge themselves and others whilst also demonstrating the emergence of their independence and self-help skills.

Our toddlers, are given the opportunity to grow independently through assisted toilet training, larger group times, and free play both indoors and outdoors. Our parent involvement and community aspects become an important feature in our toddler’s learning, as it helps us create a longer lasting relationship through families and educators.

At Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten, we are committed to providing an educational program, which allows for children to grow at their own pace, with the support and help from our Early Childhood Educators.

By providing a stimulated learning environment, our programs enable children to learn through child interest based experiences and capabilities, which are found through frequent observations, family involvement, and intentional teaching. With the use of modern technology such as IPad’s and computers, we are able to provide age appropriate learning for our toddlers.


Pre-schooler’s Education

Children continue to develop their curiosity, creativity, skills of questioning, investigating and problem solving. Families and educators work together to support children’s learning.

Attending Kindergarten is a major transition for our little ones, so at Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten, we provide an intensive school readiness program, implementing the use of all Key Learning Areas of NSW Primary Schools.

By using these Key Learning Areas, together with the Early Years Learning Framework, we are able to provide an enriching environment for our children to develop at their own pace, by helping them gain the confidence and self-esteem to help make school transition a smooth one.

When children begin school, it can be quite a daunting thought for them, so we encourage our children to participate in, group experiences throughout their time in the pre-school room, to gain confidence and learn how to positively gain and build friendships and relationships with those around them.

We offer our children opportunities and experiences that encourage them to learn and develop the skills needed to prepare them for school.