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The educators have the responsibilities of documenting, planning, recording, assessing and evaluating the children’s time at PPK. With one simple and very easy to use program, Kinderloop allows us to achieve all these things, through our own private loop that links our families and educators together.

It helps create a fun, holistic approach, which is easy to use, and is the future of early childhood documentation. Parents are able to download the Kinderloop app onto their phone or log in on their desktop to see what their children are doing throughout the day.

The educators at PPK post individual observations, group experiences and the special moments throughout the day.

Kinderloop allows families to feel part of their child’s day and also allows parents to be involved by commenting on the various posts throughout the day and liking the spontaneous activates and experiences.


Arts & Crafts

At Putney Playgrounds we believe that engaging in Art & Craft experiences benefits all aspects of children’s development.

Through art and craft children are able to :-

  • Express their feelings
  • Assert Individuality
  • Develop an understanding of cause and effect
  • Create the ability to label shapes and objects
  • Help to develop planning skills
  • Provide opportunities for children to learn directionality
  • Continue to develop fine motor skills.
  • The purpose of art experiences is to allow children to explore on their own, using materials in their own ways. We aim to enable the children to learn that their own abilities are valued and children will begin to freely participate in the creation of art.



    Incursions are educational experiences that provide further opportunities for children to investigate and explore. In order to ensure the children are aware of and are connected with their local Community and beyond, Putney Playgrounds Kindergarten encourages incursions whereby different educational presentations, including music, drama, indigenous storytelling, farmyard visits and much more, are offered to all the children within the centre on programmed days. These visits are considered to be of a large benefit to the children and their parents.